Saratoga Triathlon Club

STC Message Regarding CoVID-19

Hi everybody - we all hope that you are doing ok during this pandemic. While there are a lot of unknowns with respect to training, races, and events for this year, we want to keep you in the loop as to where things stand now and what we know and don't know about what will happen this summer.

Our executive board met Tuesday, May 6th on Zoom to discuss the operations of our club during these uncertain times, including membership renewals, with details below.

We know that many of you have already had many of your summer races cancelled. It seems unlikely, but not impossible, that all races this summer will be cancelled or postponed. There is a 4 phase plan put out by Governor Cuomo, based on which region of the state residents are in. Saratoga County is considered part of the Capital District, and we are currently at "Phase 0". There are still more requirements that need to be met before even Phase 1 would kick in.

As far as we can tell, "Recreation" is part of "Phase 4", so we have a long way to go before we reach that point. We have been in touch with Moreau Lake State Park frequently, and they have not received any notice on when the beach may be open, if they will have lifeguards, and if we will be able to train - like the way everything is, nobody knows for certain when things can return to "normal".

That said, we don't see a scenario when we would be swimming at Moreau any time soon. The earliest we would take a guess at would be early-mid July, but there may still be bans on larger groups, and we don't even know of the beach at Moreau (or other State Park beaches) would even be open.

With this uncertainty, the Executive Board has made some changes to memberships going forward for this year and to make them as fair as possible. Here's the change:

1. If by July 1 we are still not swimming at Moreau Lake, then any membership already paid for the 2020 season will roll over into 2021 for that season at no additional cost. If we end up being able to swim at some point this summer, then, on a voluntary basis, you can make a small contribution of your choice at each swim towards the costs of lifeguards/park rental, but this is up to you at no obligation.

You can also make your paid membership for 2020 as a contribution to the club and renew at the normal membership rate in 2021 - this would be on a pure voluntary basis, at no obligation, and you would need to opt in and let us know if you choose to do that.

2. If you were a member in 2019, and have not already renewed, and we can swim in July, then your membership you paid for from 2019 will carry into 2020. On a voluntary basis, you can make a small contribution at each swim towards the costs of lifeguards/park rental, but this is up to you at no obligation.

3. If you weren't a member in 2019 and don't become one in 2020, and we can swim, then the usual day cost of $10 would be applicable to any swim we hold.

We hope that you find the above a good compromise, and we encourage you to join the club this year - either you'll get most of the benefits if we can swim, have clinics, and a fall picnic, and if not, you'll have your membership taken care of for 2021. You can join at

We still want to be active as a club to what we can do, and have the following ideas - and if you have more ideas, please let us know know:

1. We will be planning for a virtual, not-officially timed race this summer. This would likely be a duathlon that you would do on your own from home. You can make your own course based on your experience level - such as a 2.5k run, 12 mile ride, 2.5k run. Wear your STC gear and have your family/significant others take a photo. Then share how it went on Facebook. This could be done over a week period based on your schedule.

2. We have a lot of experience here in the club. Would anybody like to volunteer to put on a Zoom presentation - on any topic - like equipment maintenance, a slide show of a race you did, nutrition, etc? Please email us back and let us know.

We will keep you all informed via email and on our Facebook page as soon as we learn more. Take care everybody!

Club Meetings

The dates and times of club meetings are announced via e-mail to the club membership.

Meeting: We're holding off on meetings for a little bit here. Patience is the word of the day.

Summer meeting times are immediately following our swims on Thursdays.

2020 Swim Season

We have a lot of things in store for the club in 2020, including another open water swim series on Thursday nights between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

All swims are at Moreau State Park on Thursday evenings at 6:00 pm sharp.



Snail Mail: Saratoga Triathlon Club, PO Box 4451, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866


We are looking for folks who can volunteer for some of the duties on Thursday nights. Volunteering is a wonderful chance to get to know your fellow club members. Working the check-ins and check-outs allows you to put faces with names. And I guarantee you will feel wonderful about doing it. If you had a lousy day at work, volunteering at a Thursday night swim will totally change the karma of your day. Saratoga Tri-Club Members are without doubt THE friendliest group you are ever going to meet while wearing a wetsuit and standing around on a beach. Please touch base with Jeremy, Jason, Joanne, Meg, Carl, Jodi, Chris or Kristen if you would like to volunteer.

Every time you volunteer your name will be entered into an End-Of-Season Raffle for cool prizes.

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Current Board Members for 2020:

Jeremy Davis- President

Jason Hare- Vice-President

Kim Thompson - Treasurer

Joanne Van Horne- Secretary

Members at Large: Meg McCabe, Chris McNally, Kathy Pfeiffer, Lori Langdon, Brian Dillenbeck