Saratoga Triathlon Club

STC Infinit Sale

It's time for our annual special sale for club members for Infinit! On March 26th, you can take advantage of 30% off everything at Infinit ( using the code STC20. Here are the details,.

With the VIP sale, everyone will get a 30% discount on the entire site. This includes all custom blends, preset products, gear, and accessories.

  • You get exclusive access to our Team of Registered Dietitians to help them set up their blend. They’re here to help tweak blends, create new ones, or answer any questions your members may have about the process. You can reach out directly to Colin @ Infinit to set up your own custom blends. (
  • For new customers, they have the 5 Hour Challenge Sample Pack. It’s a great thing to try now, and then test out before the sale. It’s an easy way to get started with the custom route as you have a super easy setup process and get a free bottle and $10 gift card to use on the next order (can't be used with the VIP sale).
  • This year, Infinit launched a brand NEW Custom Protein Platform. This is included in the VIP Sale and officially available for purchase. With 4 different protein source options, it’s guaranteed to meet all your recovery needs.

Club Meetings

The dates and times of club meetings are announced via e-mail to the club membership.

Meeting: We're holding off on meetings for a little bit here. Patience is the word of the day.

Summer meeting times are immediately following our swims on Thursdays.

2020 Swim Season

We have a lot of things in store for the club in 2020, including another open water swim series on Thursday nights between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

All swims are at Moreau State Park on Thursday evenings at 6:00 pm sharp.



Snail Mail: Saratoga Triathlon Club, PO Box 4451, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866


We are looking for folks who can volunteer for some of the duties on Thursday nights. Volunteering is a wonderful chance to get to know your fellow club members. Working the check-ins and check-outs allows you to put faces with names. And I guarantee you will feel wonderful about doing it. If you had a lousy day at work, volunteering at a Thursday night swim will totally change the karma of your day. Saratoga Tri-Club Members are without doubt THE friendliest group you are ever going to meet while wearing a wetsuit and standing around on a beach. Please touch base with Jeremy, Jason, Joanne, Meg, Carl, Jodi, Chris or Kristen if you would like to volunteer.

Every time you volunteer your name will be entered into an End-Of-Season Raffle for cool prizes.

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Current Board Members for 2020:

Jeremy Davis- President

Jason Hare- Vice-President

Kim Thompson - Treasurer

Joanne Van Horne- Secretary

Members at Large: Meg McCabe, Chris McNally, Kathy Pfeiffer, Lori Langdon, Brian Dillenbeck