Swim Qualification Form

Qualifying Evidence

Per our agreement with New York State Parks, swimmers will need to be qualified in order to participate in our Thursday night swims. You can provide qualifying evidence ahead of time by filling out the below form. Your name will then be added to our master list. Anyone who shows up at a swim session who is not pre-qualified, or has little to no open water swim experience, can qualify by swimming in the zoned lap lane right there at the Moreau Lake beach.

To submit your qualifying evidence, please fill out this form:

* indicates required field
Note: The race must include an open water swim (triathlon, aquabike, aquathon, OWS) and must have taken place since 1/1/2016.
By checking above, I certify that I have completed the above referenced swim on that date and time.
Please click here to read or print the Release Form
By checking above, I certify that I have read the Release & Waiver of Liability.