2016 Swim Season

We have a lot of things in store for the club in 2016, including another open water swim series on Thursday nights between Memorial Day and Labor Day. For details, click here. Questions? E-mail

August 11, 2016  Thursday night swim.  Runs 6pm to 7pm sharp.

We are looking for folks who can volunteer for some of the duties on Thursday nights.  Vacations are starting and some of the members who have been volunteering for the swims are going to be out of town.

Volunteering is a wonderful chance to get to know your fellow club members.  Working the check-ins and check-outs allows you to put faces with names.  And I guarantee you will feel wonderful about doing it.  If you had a lousy day at work, volunteering at a Thursday night swim will totally change the karma of your day.  Saratoga Tri-Club Members are without doubt THE friendliest group you are ever going to meet while wearing a wetsuit and standing around on a beach.  Please touch base with Theresa, Dan, Meg, Jenn, Carl, or Melinda if you would like to volunteer.


Monthly Club Meetings


The dates and times of club meetings are announced via e-mail to the club membership. Summer meeting times:  The second Thursday of each month following the swims at Moreau during June through August.


August is here and races are happening all over the place.  Ironman Lake Placid 2016 has now been recorded in the books with several wonderful moments by many members and friends of the club.  We are so happy for everyone who was brave enough to step up to the line

Fronhofer Triathlon ended with a great finale.  Gotta love the Flag moving regally across the water!  This race will be missed by many- but what a wonderful event to have had the privilege to participate in.

Vermont Sun Series continues this weekend.  Crystal Lake is just around the corner, IM MT is also looming for some members.  Lake George is coming!   And I am sure I am missing many others.

Whatever your race or non-race- enjoy the  rest of the summer with fun and fellowship!








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